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Skies of Arcadia

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Skies of Arcadia
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PostPosted: Nov 14, 2006 4:17 pm    Post subject: Skies of Arcadia Reply with quote

This is a great RPG for the Dreamcast. In fact, next to Grandia II it is hard to tell which is better. Arcadia is a huge world made even larger by it's characters. The same can be said for Grandia's world, except here we are plagued by random monster encounters that trigger every 15 seconds. Literally.

When I first started playing I counted how long it took for each random encounter to occur and it took bewteen 5 and 30 seconds. The average being 15 seconds. This mechanism makes tne game very frustrating to play, as ANY gamer who has played it will tell you.

I think it was put in because in early tests the developer, OverWorks, found that players were spending too much time searching for Discoveries and travelling the skies that they weren't fighting monsters or never traversed any dungeon more than once (In this game you can back to any dungeon you've visited previously and traverse again to fight monsters, or just solve that puzzle again for the sheer joy of it). So then when they encounterd a strong monster (or a whole bunch of strong monsters, becasue they can come in HUGE waves) complained because they was TOO strong. So the frequent encounters force you to things that you would not if you choose to fight. These things are obvioulsy crucial to the game itself.

  • Earn experience (EXP): Leveling and unlocking Special Moves
  • Earn magic EXP: Learn new and stronger magic spells
  • Increase your Swashbuckler Rating (Only for Vyse)
  • Aquire Moonberries needed to learn any unlocked Special Moves

While it may very annoying, the developers could not find another way to do this. So, it seems to enjoy Skies of Arcadis is to just endure, and be grateful for, the frequent random monster encounters.

This game has no equal, save Grandia II, but it suffers because of the frequant and many random encounters with monsters in every place you travel. Also, like many console games you cannot save your game until you reach a Save Point. Arcadia's saving grace in that area is that you can save your game at any time while flying in your ship (except in The Dark Rift, it has only two places to save: at the entrance and the exit.) If there other places you cannot save while fying, I haven't gotten to that point in the game yet. I just got out of The Dark Rift and am on my way to Yufatoma.

I'm also searching for more Discoveries, along the way. Happy Paper

See the Pholtillium Skies of Arcadia screenshot gallery for some pics. Be warned though, MOST are taken from late in the game on Disc 1. I didn't have a digital camera to take screenshots of my earlier travels, so you'll see pics of the game AFTER Vyse aquires the Delphinius and a small crew.

This a great RPG for anyone who has a Dreamcast. The latest version for the PC and GameCube were the same game with a few added features and updated graphics. But, the Dreamcast version stands as the best. Get it, play it, enjoy it!

By the way, I'm still on Disc 1 of the 2 disc game set.


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